These are just some of our many success stories.

The results may seem easy, but these founders accepted our challenges, remained coachable, and trusted our methods to get the funding they deserved.

April's Transformation

KEY LESSONS: story transformation + concise messaging

"Power to Pitch truly transformed my experience presenting to investors. Since taking the program I’ve continued to receive compliments from investors about the comprehensiveness and strength of my pitch. Since taking Power to Pitch I brought in eight new investors and am in conversation with lots more." -April Wachtel


Sarah's Transformation

KEY LESSONS: team positioning + product roadmap clarity

Relavo possesses an impressive team, but they weren't getting the attention they deserved. They used too much industry jargon with investors, so we adjusted their team ad product positioning to help them secure over $1,000,000 and counting!


Brett's Transformation

KEY LESSONS: change old habits + share things only investors need to hear

All Yall's Foods has never fundraised before so the process felt very intimidating and he was ready to give up. After we challenged Brett on the needs vs wants for pitching to investors, he secured his first $100k from a strategic angel (and counting).


Diana's Transformation

KEY LESSONS: focus on the foundations + continued support

"Despite being on Shark Tank and doing a deal with Kevin O'Leary, I've still learned so much from Kat and Katie through my fundraising journey. It's been such a supportive environment and I truly feel like they're a part of my team. If you're considering fundraising, I highly recommend them because this program has been an incredible investment." -Diana Jarrar


HikerKind's Transformation

KEY LESSONS: value prop adjustment + positioning

Allison and Chelsea are an impressive duo. They struggled to showcase the value of their apparel and unique hiking community, so after trusting our challenges - they secured their first $250,000 check and counting!


We work together until we get it right.

We don't kick you out of the program after a set period of time. Once we've helped you raise your entire pre-seed or seed stage fundraising round - you're then officially graduated! There are different struggles from your first investor check to your last - so we're with you every step of the way.


SharkTank alum, Sara Polon of Soupergirl had successfully fundraised prior to working with us. She still struggled with her story and positioning in order to raise her next round. She's now stated that she's never been more confident in pitching after our program!

Sudarshan's Transformation 

Founder of Squadsy: A B2B SaaS HR Platform

Sudarshan struggled to get a 2nd meeting with investors due to his complicated pitch. After our program, he's been fully funded thanks to his transparency and coachability.

Michael's Transformation 

Founder of CHLanalytics: A B2B Real Estate & PropTech Platform

Michael had never fundraised before and is making major improvements with multiple interested investors. He now considers us a "part of his team"!

Matthew's Transformation

Founder of SHILO: An Online Movie & Streaming Platform

Matthew was close to quitting fundraising altogether, thanks to our weekly group calls - he calls "startup therapy" - he's been engaging new investors on an almost weekly basis with his new pitch!

Mary's Transformation

Founder of Reprise: A plastic-free activewear brand

"Thanks to Kat and Katie, I won my pitch to Dream Ventures and finally feel excited to share my story and talk about my brand!"

Nicole's & Nichelle's Transformation

Founder of The Guilty Grape: An inclusive wine education & accessories brand

"Kat and Katie helped us secure an $85,000 grant and several more investor checks. We are SO much more confident in our story!"

Evan's Transformation

Founder of ReKlame Health: Affordable mental healthcare for young adults and people of color

"I feel dangerous after working with Kat and Katie. No one has ever been able to help me hone my story and value prop to pitch before - they are the real deal."