An unlikely duo - Kat and Katie were introduced by a founder Kat was hired to help with a pitch and whom Katie had invested in. The two quickly bonded over their mission and love of supporting startups. After countless zooms together, they officially partnered up to give entrepreneurs the founder and investor perspective for raising capital.

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22 of 23 Pitch Competitions won to date.

6-figures worth of capital won to fund her first company.

1st company was sold after 6 years from starting out of her college dorm.

4 appearances on Good Morning America.

7,200+ participants have attended her pitch workshops to date.

350k+ views on her first pitch tips YouTube video posted by FedEx.

1st book she contributed to - The Student Startup Guide - was featured by Tech Stars for her pitch tips.

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$10+ billion in commercial real estate loans originated, underwritten, closed, and asset managed.

1 Patent for the evaluation of real estate transactions.

25-year career focused on finance, due diligence, and strategy.

17+ investments made as an angel investor (and growing every day!).

3 scholarships and 2 internships earned for grad school where I graduated #1 in the entire business school

1st partner in Power To Pitch, bringing the investor perspective to support Kat’s expert storytelling.

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Together We...

ways to fund your startup

Get Organized

We work on a capital plan based on your current stage, needs, and goals. Fundraising is hard - it's our goal to curate an optimized experience because we give insights from both sides of the table.

best funding for startups

Get Strategic

We're not an accelerator who requires "all the things". We have strategic education and programming dedicated to raising capital so you can get funded faster and get back to running your company.

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Get Direct

We don't waste time with the nonessentials. We guarantee 24-business hour response time and LIVE feedback on our weekly group calls. No fluff. No BS. Just raw advice from real experiences.

quote from the founders of tampon tribe

"We never thought to craft our story the way Kat and Katie suggested. We can tell that new investors finally get it."

- Founders of Tampon Tribe
quote from the founders of reprise activewear

"Without Kat & Katie, I would have never won my pitch for Dream Ventures. I am so grateful for their help - they feel like part of my team."

- Founder of Reprise Activewear
quote from the founder of a proptech company

"Kat & Katie's expectations of the pitch and audience who’s RECEIVING the pitch has been worth its weight in gold."

- Founder of CHL Analytics

Why We Do It

We see too many amazing founders make the mistake of not starting to prep for fundraising sooner. You always have to start before you're really "ready" and there's never a "perfect time". 

We are on a mission to help startup founders go from confused & frustrated about pitching to confident & prepared. We get founders to concisely communicate what they do in order to take advantage of funding opportunities to get funded faster.

Our methods get you investor-ready so that there are no surprises when you start to build relationships with investors.

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