Ready to pitch for capital?


Go from confused and frustrated to confident and prepared so you can concisely talk about what you do in order to take advantage of funding opportunities.


By the end of the Confidence In Capital program, you’ll be able to...

how to pitch to investors

Effectively Tell Your Story

Confused about how to structure your pitch? Do you find yourself rambling and talking too much? Learn how to prioritize what matters.

Present 2 Major Types of Pitches

Learn how to present a 60-second and 5-minute pitch with a deck...AND when/where to utilize them. Become efficient and memorable in minutes.

Banish Uncertainty & Rejection

No more second-guessing yourself on reaching out or applying for capital opportunities. You'll learn how to reach out to investors, apply for grants in a timely manner, and follow up with investors regardless of their interest level.

how to build a relationship wihth

Build 10x More Meaningful Relationships

First impressions can be a make or break, and you're only as good as your follow-up. Learn outreach strategies, get email templates, and understand the importance of relationships with investors.

We're disrupting the industry.

Only 2% of women receive venture capital, while other underrepresented founders receive only 1.4%. Our mission is to help founders confidently and concisely pitch their company in order to obtain funding via grants and venture capital.

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Confidence In Capital is a LIVE & Virtual Experience

Ever wish you had a coach or someone to provide you feedback in real-time? Or be a part of a community that can help you get ahead?

The program is designed to be fully immersive so that you don't just learn the elements of a winning pitch, but live AND implement them.

Meet Your Coach: Kat

Have you lost it all or struggled to find capital?

Instead of giving up on my first business after losing everything to a fire, I learned how to tell my story and make my passion for my business contagious. I won 22 pitch competitions and got six figures of capital to scale. 

So I built my 2nd company, PowerToPitch, to help founders raise capital and pitch with my successfully tested methods. 

Apply Today

We review applicants on a rolling basis so don’t wait! The short application questionnaire will help us learn more about you, your company, and if this program is the right fit for you.

1. Application

The application should take you less than 7-minutes to complete. We ask for some basic information about you and your startup (if applicable), as well as some short answer questions. We ask that each co-founder wishing to participate in the program submits their names within the same application.

2. Interview

During a 45-minute interview, we will dive deeper into your needs, experience, and stage. We will also ask you to give a brief walk-through of any traction or pitfalls you might have experienced while thinking of or working towards raising capital. If you apply with other team members, we can interview you together.


Contact: [email protected]