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How far along are you in your founder journey?


Just an idea.


I’m ready to build my MVP and people like the idea but I need to raise cash to build it.


I’ve got my MVP AND have traction such as building an email list of future customers, letters of intent, or strategic partnerships in place but I'm still pre-revenue.


I’ve got proof of concept, some traction, and am ready to scale.

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What kind of traction, sales, or product market fit have you had so far? (if pre-revenue - list any amount of email signups/waiting lists, strategic partners, or LOIs if applicable)?

Question 3 of 13

Where are you currently located and operating your business? (We currently only work with companies looking to raise capital & operate primarily in the US).

Question 4 of 13

Have you raised any capital for your current venture?


Not yet!


Yes: via grants or loans


Yes: from a family/friends round


Yes: crowdfunding


Yes: from a VC and/or Angel

Question 5 of 13

How much money do you need to raise and what would it do for the company? (ie - use of funds!)

Question 6 of 13

Have you participated in any accelerators, incubators, or other entrepreneurship programs? If so, please list. If not, please write "no".

Question 7 of 13

Please list the company name, describe the problem(s) you’re trying to solve and your company’s solution(s) in 2-4 sentences.

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What’s the biggest frustration you’re having with your pitch and/or the fundraising process?

(Select all that apply)

Struggling to be concise and organized when presenting/speaking.


Don't know how to tell your story or get the investor to understand the problem you're solving.


Lacking the network or connections to those in the investor world.


Don't know how to structure a pitch or deck for investors.

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Just so we can assess the resources available to grow your business, how ready are you to invest in your business?


Very - I have the cashflow and/or credit to invest in my business.


Not at all - I have no access to credit for any kind of investing. I'm just here because I'm curious.

Question 10 of 13

Do you have any co-founders? If so, please list their name(s) and email(s). If not, please type "none."

Question 11 of 13

Why do you believe you're a good fit for Power To Pitch?

Question 12 of 13

Is this what you do full-time or do you have additional part-time roles?


This is what I do full-time.


I have another part-time role but will go full-time if I can raise money.


I like my part-time roles and don't plan to go full-time for another year or two.

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How did you hear about Power To Pitch? Was it via: Startup Stack, LinkedIn, or if someone referred you, please list their name so we can thank them!

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